Unusual cake ideas – a special dessert


Whether after a meal or in a relaxed get-together with family and friends: cake is a fairly popular dessert. As you probably know, there are many different recipes for this treat. Some of them are widespread and belong to the standard repertoire of every hobby cook or hobby baker. Every now and then it is worthwhile for you and your taste buds to think outside the box in the truest sense of the word. We provide you with ideas for extraordinary cakes and a special experience for you and your guests.

Cake – A special dessert

Cake is a special dessert for a number of reasons. Many of you must have learned this in your childhood. These aspects include:

  • the fun of preparing it,
  • the multitude of options that are available
  • as well as the connection with special occasions.< /li>

Fun preparation

First of all, preparation can be a lot of fun. Just as there are home cooks or grilling is a great pastime for many people, baking can be an activity that you are passionate about. In the beginning you will certainly follow simple recipes and you may even have a bit of trouble implementing them here and there – depending on how much you have already dealt with the topic. Over time, however, you will get better and better and can try out more unusual or even great creations of your own. You will then certainly proudly present the first successful results to your circle of friends or family in order to hopefully get good feedback. You might even find new contacts or acquaintances through baking who share your enthusiasm for the hobby. Among other things, this works via social media. On Instagram, for example, you will find a seven-digit number of results under the hashtag “#baken”. Similar or the same interests always help to create a basis for a possible friendship.


Of course there is also incredible diversity when it comes to cakes. That alone shows the subject of this article. You will notice that the creative ideas certainly go beyond what you have known so far at one point or another. Due to this versatility, there is always something new to discover, even if it is only small details now and then. This can be a lot of fun, especially in the culinary field, where enjoyment is what counts most. Additionally, some types of cake go well with certain times of the year, making them even more special. This circumstance always has something to do with the maturing time of the ingredients. Apple pies, for example, are more likely to be baked and enjoyed by many of you during the fall and winter months, especially if you use fruit from your own garden. Other ideas, on the other hand, work all year round, regardless of whether it’s freezing cold or summer heat.

Association with special occasions

At the same time, many of you certainly associate cake with special occasions. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Sundays and holidays,
  • Birthdays
  • as well as other occasions for parties and celebrations.

On such occasions comes together with friends or family and enjoy the delicious dessert together. So there is something social about cake, eating the treat together creates a connection. Of course, the dessert is not only available on such occasions, but many of you certainly like it here and there from time to time. Nevertheless, the feeling of something special often remains.

Cake with a theme – The “theme cake”

One category into which some of the most unusual cake ideas can be divided is the “theme cake”. The dessert is given a visual image that is related to a specific topic. After all, as the saying goes: “The eye eats with you”. At the same time, exciting taste experiences are created with these ideas. If you bake a cake like this, you can bring great joy to yourself or someone who has a passion or interest in it. One or the other will certainly be quite surprised.

Versatile topics

A look online shows how versatile your options are for proceeding according to this scheme. Among other things, you will find several recipes for a galaxy cake. This has a dark blue to purple looking look and depicts the star system. So maybe the ideal birthday cake for one of your friends who spends his free time working intensively and passionately on astronomy or astrology? By the way, there are recipes for donuts that also have such an appearance. If you want to make the treat even more elaborate and detailed, you can try conjuring up a solar system cake. Here you also adjust the location of the earth. Of course, the treat will then be correspondingly colorful and unusual. Maybe you like chess? Then you can bake a checkerboard cake. As the name suggests, the inside of this treat looks like a chess board. You can also get a little creative with this. So you can prepare and design the cake with different ingredients and logically in different colors. The same goes for the topping. If you need some inspiration, you can find various recipes for such a cake online. Of course, these are just a few examples. Depending on the passions and hobbies in your environment, you can get creative yourself and plan and bake a cake that fits perfectly. This can be a bit more complex, but at the same time it can be a great pleasure for your counterpart and broaden your horizons a bit when it comes to baking.

One subject area – many possibilities

Among the possibilities for baking a themed cake, there is one subject area that stands out due to the particularly wide range of options. We’re talking about gambling – you can find out what’s so feasible in this regard on the net. These include the roulette cake, which is shaped like a roulette wheel. Alternatively, there is a card cake or a slot machine cake. The bingo cake is also a creative variant. What all of these types of cakes have in common is their bright variety of colours. Next time you visit a casino with friends, this would be the perfect treat to get you in the mood beforehand, right?

Cakes with popular sweets as ingredients

In addition to the different types of themed cakes, there is another category of unusual ideas, which of course also have to do with the look, but certainly mainly with a great taste that is also already known from other contexts. For this you take various well-known sweets, which in combination with other ingredients become a delicious cake. The possibilities you can use for this include:

  • Fruit gums,
  • Liquorice in different forms,
  • Smarties
  • as well various well-known chocolate bars.

The gummy bear cake

One of the many delicious options is a gummy bear cake. This particularly well-known and popular type of fruit gum has been around for about 100 years. The manufacturer Haribo, who made the gold bears famous, also looks back on. Many of you have probably known and loved gummy bears since childhood. You can find various recipes for such a cake online. Sometimes you use apricots in the preparation for a more fruity taste. In other recipes, the base is a simple cake batter with no fruit or anything like that. The gummy bears are always placed at the end as a kind of decoration on the cake. To make them stick, you can use icing and glue them in place, so to speak. For those of you who want to get a little more creative, it might be a good idea to replace the gummy bears with other fruit gums or similar treats. Your supermarket will certainly offer a large selection in this regard. So you can create something new, there are hardly any limits to your ingenuity. Incidentally, liquorice is also ideal as an ingredient for a cake. Among other things, you can use the ingredient for a more creative cheesecake, and it also goes well with blueberries. Either you use liquorice as a syrup, so it is part of your dough. Alternatively, you have the option of decorating the finished cake with liquorice snails.

Cake with well-known chocolate bars as an ingredient

Of course, in addition to the various fruit gums, there are other sweets that you have known since childhood and that you always enjoy eating. For many of you, this certainly includes various chocolate bars. You can also use these delicacies for a cake, for example for:

  • a kinder MAXI KING cake,
  • a kinder Country cake,
  • a KitKat Cake or a KitKat cake
  • and a Snickers cake.

The concept is always similar: the cake is made from ingredients that go with the corresponding chocolate bar. It is only logical that chocolate plays an important role in this. With a Snickers cake, for example, peanuts are added. The chocolate bars themselves usually serve as a particularly tasty garnish, similar to the fruit gums. With some recipes you place them on the cake cut into smaller pieces or broken, with other variants you place them on the side as a kind of wreath. A little more common, but still maybe new to some of you, is using Smarties on a cake. Here you also get a chocolaty touch with a well-known candy that serves as a garnish.

The combination of sweet and salty – ingredients for main courses in your cake

In recent years, a special combination has become fashionable in gastronomy: the mixture of sweet and salty elements in a meal. Among other things, it is used for main courses and desserts in high-quality restaurants. It is therefore not surprising that this approach also plays a role in some cake recipes and that new taste experiences are created.

Avocado as a cake ingredient

One of the many ingredients you can use for this are avocados. They are defined as berries and therefore – perhaps surprisingly for some of you – do not belong to vegetables but to fruits. In various cake recipes they are mainly combined with lemons and limes, you can also use pistachios. Every now and then, strawberries are added to the baking instructions – a combination that can also be found in some salad recipes at the same time. In addition, there are some creative approaches. You can find instructions online for baking a cake that contains nuts in addition to the avocados. There are also variants with chocolate, including cakes and brownies.

Turmeric as a cake ingredient

Many of you probably know turmeric primarily as a spice. It gives the famous yellow color to the Indian curry mix. In addition, turmeric has a number of . But turmeric in the cake? That’s fine! And in several variants. A well-known option is the “Golden Milk Cake”, which also owes its color to the turmeric inside. If you like it a little more unusual, you can bake a blueberry turmeric cake.

Aubergines and zucchini in your cake

You certainly use aubergines in many recipes in your everyday kitchen. Whether filled, baked or as part of a casserole – there are many different ways to conjure up something delicious with this ingredient. If you use the aubergines for a cake, the combination with chocolate is a good idea. You can find a number of recipes online for this. Alternatively, you can use them to make brownies. However, you can also use them as the main ingredient for a sweet treat – zucchini cake. It is best to use a combination with nuts.

Beetroot, pumpkin and other options

The list goes on. There are different types of beetroot cake. Above all, the combination with almonds, sometimes also with apples, is common. Other recipes rely on a mixture of chocolate and beetroot. A pumpkin is also suitable for the preparation of a cake. Combined with nuts, the result is a special treat. The possibility of using turmeric for baking has already been mentioned. In addition, there are a few other spices that are ideal. For example, adding chilli flakes or pepper is a good idea to give your chocolate cake a little more spiciness and give it a different taste experience. do you like herbs? Then you should try giving your cake a special touch with thyme or rosemary. This idea is particularly well suited for and can be found in some recipes.

Around the world: cake ideas from other cultures

Do you like to travel? Then you will surely have noticed that in other parts of the world there is a culinary culture that is often quite different from the one here. At the same time, this opens up many opportunities to try new things during your activities in the local kitchen. What applies to so many other dishes can also be implemented perfectly when baking a cake, for example with exciting recipes from Asia or South America.

Different cake delicacies from Asia

Some of the delicacies do not differ that much from the recipes known here. One example is the cotton cheesecake, which comes from Japan. The great thing about it: you only need three ingredients. The cake consists exclusively of:

  • white chocolate,
  • cream cheese
  • and eggs.

At least that’s true if you do the simplest recipe uses. Admittedly, you can conjure up a little more variety with various other delicacies. You can use fruits like strawberries or raspberries for garnish. Lemon juice also gives the dessert a special flavor. The shortcake also comes from Japan. This is basically a simple sponge cake, on which a creamy cream and strawberries are layered. Sounds delicious right? Alternatively, the shortcake can be prepared as a smaller tart. In China, on the other hand, moon cakes have a long tradition – they are mainly prepared and eaten for the moon festival. The ingredients alone make it clear that this treat is something special. In addition to red bean paste, you will need beet syrup, sunflower oil and vanilla sugar, among other things. Small cakes are then formed from this.

Famous cake ideas from South America

Cakes are also eaten in South America – or cake-like desserts in somewhat smaller versions. In Brazil, for example, the cocadas are a popular dessert. You can prepare them in the form of cookies or balls, among other things. As you can probably guess from the name, the treat is based on coconut, which you use as a grater to prepare it. You also need:

  • almonds,
  • condensed milk
  • and vanilla beans.

A particularly traditional treat comes from Colombia: the Torta Maria Luisa. The extraordinary thing about it: The cake not only has a base with a light orange flavor, but two. You layer these on top of each other and combine them with a berry jam (you can use your favorite flavor). Tres leches is a traditional dish in several South American countries. The preparation involves soaking a simple sponge cake batter in whole milk, condensed milk, and cream. Then comes a topping of whipped cream and vanilla sugar.


As you can see, you have quite a variety of options for preparing a special cake. You can follow a certain motto for a special look or use desserts that you are familiar with from other contexts. In addition, ingredients that you use when preparing main courses provide an ideal basis for a little variety. Finally, it is worth taking a look at other countries and the cake culture lived there. Whatever you decide to do, just making the treat can be fun and, with a little passion, can turn into a great hobby. In addition, your baking skills are always a culinary delight for your friends and family. Author profile: Sabrina Heldmeyer Sabrina Heldmeyer studied history and German and has been working as a journalist specializing in various topics for several years. Her passion for cooking and baking is always reflected in her lyrics.