Top 10 most popular Christmas cookies

Top 10 of the most popular Christmas cookies

Top 10 Christmas Cookies

Christmas is one of the most important and beautiful Christian holidays. An integral part of the traditions are the festive Christmas tree, the service and of course the feast, which is usually served. Christmas cookies are not only a tasty treat for adults and children, they are also an original tree decoration and a great gift for loved ones. For many people, Christmas is inextricably linked to the scent of fresh pine needles, citrus fruits and homemade pastries; many families come together with their children and bake together, which they then decorate. The simple preparation, the great taste and the many delicious fillings make preparing the most important Christmas treat a real pleasure. Here are the top 10 most popular Christmas cookies!


Delicate, crumbly ones in icing sugar are a popular Christmas pastry. Everyone loves this cookie classic with a wonderful vanilla aroma. Vanilla crescents are a must during the Christmas season because they simply taste fantastic.

Nut corners

Nut corners are a delicious and great pastry in the run-up to Christmas and of course at Christmas. They consist of three layers: shortcrust pastry, jam and nut filling. Hazelnuts and almonds are used for the filling. They are particularly tasty with a chocolate coating.


Lebkuchen are a culinary classic of German baking. They are incredibly beautiful and have an exquisite taste and magical aroma. This sweet, strongly spiced gingerbread can be prepared in many different forms and variations.

Cinnamon stars

The cinnamon stars not only look very pretty, they taste super delicious. The cookies are easy to make, and only a few ingredients are needed; like almonds, powdered sugar and egg whites. The cookies get an egg white glaze that becomes super crispy after baking.


It’s not Christmas without Spekulatius! They are very special due to a seasoned shortcrust pastry with cinnamon, cloves and cardamom and the elongated shape. The Christmas cookies taste crisp and aromatic.


Crunchy biscuits made from soft shortcrust pastry and filled with fruity jam do indeed look extraordinarily attractive. are rightly one of the prettiest and tastiest Christmas pastries. Under a light veil of white icing sugar, they create a cosy, warm atmosphere and Christmas spirit.


Christmas stollen is a loaf-shaped cake with dried fruit and a powdered sugar coating, which is served as a dessert at Christmas and during the Advent season. It impresses with its fruity aroma and is simply part of Christmas.

Coconut macaroons

Coconut macaroons are a simple Christmas pastry that is particularly popular with coconut fans and, of course, with children. Not only do they taste delicious, they are perfect for utilizing protein, since you need protein, sugar and coconut flakes to prepare them. Decorated with chocolate, they not only look great, they also taste delicious.

Cookies with icing

The simple and colorful sprinkles are the classics, they sweeten the Christmas season and bring a wonderful atmosphere to the Christmas table. The Christmas cookies are wonderful to bake together with children and decorate with white or colored icing and lots of sprinkles.

Black and white biscuits

The wonderfully tender is crispy and has a great pattern. The two-colored biscuits made of a crumbly butter dough and chocolate dough are available with a checkerboard pattern, circles, stripes, spirals or simply marbled, which works well when kneaded together with all the leftover dough.