The Worst Diet Mistakes That Prevent You From Losing Weight

The Worst Diet Mistakes Keeping You From Losing Weight

“Lose 20 kilograms in one month!”

Who hasn’t heard or seen a slogan like this in some commercial? The viewer is usually not aware that the message behind it is fundamentally wrong and dangerously misleading. Would you like to reduce your weight in a healthy and sustainable way? It’s best to get out a piece of paper and a pen to avoid serious weight loss mistakes!

Mistake #1: The all-or-nothing approach

The all-or-nothing principle imposes an unnecessary mental hurdle on losing weight. Weight loss shouldn’t feel like a temporary condition, nor should it feel like an ordeal. Adherence to a nutritional plan is achieved through a sense of satisfaction.

Then successful weight loss is likely. Above all, the radical reduction of calories or the omission of certain foods is therefore fatal. A sensible diet plan consists of lots of vegetables and fruit, low-fat animal products and a few simple carbohydrates.

The latter are mainly found in pasta, light bread or sugar. Replace these with more complex carbohydrates from potatoes, oats, or rice, and you’re on the right track! However, it is perfectly fine and even desirable to consume food in moderation. If you treat yourself to something within the scope of your required daily energy intake, this counteracts psychological dissatisfaction. The most important thing in losing weight is to implement a basic and healthy correction of the nutrition plan. The word “diet” should actually be replaced with “new way of eating”. Because “diet” has a negative connotation from the start, which we want to avoid so badly.

Mistake number 2: Too much calculation

Of course, in order to lose weight, you first have to deal with food and its energy values. There are great internet platforms for this.

You can find out the nutritional values of your favorite foods in diary format. Just enter everything you eat in one day for a week! You will see how quickly your knowledge of food and drink improves.

Your calorie needs depend on factors like gender, height, weight, age, and activity level. You can also calculate your calorie needs online. But now to the real point: Don’t calculate too much back and forth! Once you have an understanding of foods and their properties, you should not unnecessarily complicate the process. Many now make the mistake of analyzing individual components of each food. In the end, one thing always counts: Consume fewer calories than you burn! You should be around 300-500 calories a day in the red to initiate sustainable and healthy weight loss.

Mistake number 3: Too much exercise, not enough proper nutrition

Don’t try to create a calorie deficit through excessive exercise. Nutrition is and remains the be-all and end-all for successful weight loss. The following applies: the fuller you are, the less will happen.

lot of protein and high volume of food provide a desirable feeling of fullness. A great food with both properties is broccoli. High protein content and a lot of present edible substance (read: high volume) are exactly these characteristics that broccoli possesses. Losing weight can be easy. Avoid common mistakes and you will succeed!