The top 9 reasons why many people overeat and become overweight

Top 9 reasons why many people overeat and become overweight deliver.

The very worst cause of obesity is too many calories a person consumes. Anyone who eats far more calories than they expend will sooner or later become overweight. That’s why in this video we’re going to talk about the top reasons why some people overeat, how to change it, and how to normalize your weight.

Empty calories

Empty calories mean that the food you eat contains absolutely no nutrients and provides nothing to the body but energy. So if these foods are eaten by a person and not immediately burned through activity, then the body stores them and later converts them to fat. You can find such calories mainly in fast food, pastries, sausages, sweet drinks, pralines, chocolate, cakes and tarts, as well as other unhealthy foods.

Looking at pure calories

Food can stimulate all of a person’s senses and thereby provide energy. The smell, the color, the look, the beauty of the food can add extra energy to your meal. Try eating with your eyes closed next time and you’ll understand what that means. Create your own eating ritual, which you follow before each meal, so you will always be able to get full much faster.

Changes with age

From the age of 30, your metabolism slows down. From this point on, your body also needs fewer calories to sustain itself. However, very few people think about it and therefore do not change their eating habits, so that these people become more and more overweight with each passing year. To eliminate this problem, people should adjust their food intake or greatly increase their exercise. This is the only way they will be able to reduce their weight and keep their balance in the long term.

Food gets flavor enhancers

The goal of every company is to maximize profits. That’s why food manufacturers are always working to optimize the taste of their products. Whole chemical laboratories and the best chefs in the world are used for this, so that more and more flavor enhancers are added to the products to improve their taste. These tricks significantly affect our sense of taste and force us to eat more and more of the food.

Ignoring food combining

In order for our body to be able to digest meat, our stomach has to release an acid. Bile is necessary to digest bread. When these two bodily juices have to interact with each other, they interfere with each other. Therefore, food that is not separated will be very poorly digested. Even the nutrients that are so important for the body cannot be absorbed by the body. For this reason, you should never eat bread with salami. So if you pay attention to food combining in the future, you will quickly be able to normalize your weight.

Lack of Control

You probably have no idea how many calories your body needs on a daily basis. And since you can’t control yourself very well, you just eat whatever you feel like eating.

Too many ingredients in one meal

Our bodies have a hard time digesting too many ingredients in one meal. Different digestive enzymes would have to be used for digestion of the different foods. However, these hinder each other at work, so that the digestion does not run optimally. That’s why you should try not to eat too many ingredients at once with your meals.

Your overweight

If you eat too much, you get caught in a vicious circle. You gain weight and become overweight. Your weight gain requires more food again, you automatically overeat. And so it goes on and on. The easiest way to break out of this cycle is to exercise.

Insufficient chewing of your meals

Your stomach has no teeth. The worse the food is chewed, the worse it is digested in the stomach. Ideally, your food should be like sour cream in your mouth. That’s why you should always chew very carefully when eating, at least 30 times.