Refreshing strawberry daiquiri with white rum and lime juice

Refreshing strawberry daiquiri with white rum and lime juice

Strawberry Daiquiri is a tropical alcoholic cocktail made with white rum. A delicious mix of strawberry syrup, ice cubes and lime juice, Daiquiri is perfect for a hot summer evening.

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  • 90 ml white rum, e.g. Bacardi
  • 50 ml lime juice, freshly squeezed
  • 30 ml sugar syrup
  • 160 g strawberries
  • ice cubes, to taste
  • mint, or basil, fresh


Prepare the syrup

  1. Boil the sugar and water in a 1:1 ratio.
  2. Stir occasionally until the sugar has completely dissolved.
  3. Or add the sugar and boiling water to a Edelstall bowl and mix well , until dissolved.

Prepare cocktail

  1. To squeeze the maximum amount of juice out of the lime, roll the lime on the tabletop with a little pressure.
  2. Cut the lime in half and squeeze out the juice.
  3. The glasses with a Decorate the edge of the sugar: Rub the edge of the glass with a lime or lemon slice and dip the glass in a bowl of sugar.
  4. After drying quickly, the sugar sticks to the edge of the glass very well.
  5. Clean the strawberries and fill them with the ice cubes in a blender and puree everything.
  6. Add the rum, simple syrup and lime juice and mix well in the blender.
  7. Pour the strawberry daiquiri into glasses, garnish with mint leaves and serve!


  • pot
  • bowl
  • knife
  • blender
  • mixing spoon
  • cocktail glass


The Strawberry Daiquiri can be made with both fresh and frozen strawberries.

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