Living Without Sugar – How Sugar Affects Your Life

Life Without Sugar - How Sugar Affects Your Life

7 Amazing Changes – Sugar Free Diet

Giving up sugar is a major victory over yourself and your habits. A lot changes in your body when you avoid sugary foods. Giving up sugar isn’t as easy as it sounds. You will not believe? Try to live without sweets for at least a few days. Remember that foods contain hidden sugars. Low fat yogurts, fruit juices, protein and granola bars, milk and even ketchup. They say it only takes 21 days to break a bad habit. When you learn to pay attention to your diet, compare the ingredients on the back of foods, and eat a balanced diet, you’ll be amazed at the drastic changes in your body.

Your skin condition will improve

Sugar triggers an inflammatory response in the body called glycation. We owe a lot to sugar for swollen, dry and impure skin, a dull complexion and dark circles under the eyes. Put simply, sweets steal our youth and beauty. Skip sweets and you’ll find your skin is clearer and smoother. Acne is no longer an issue for you – your face looks relaxed, healthy and radiant.

No more binge eating

Sugar addiction works in a similar way to drug addiction. It goes like this: you eat a cake, your brain enjoys it and craves for the next batch of candy. The irresistible urge to eat dessert is a bitter result of the abuse of sugary products. When you eliminate the hidden sources of sugar (fructose, maltose, lactose, maltodextrin, xylitol, sorbitol, and others) from your diet, you will find your binge eating disappear before your eyes. You will no longer eat out of boredom or under stress, but learn to look at food as energy and take care of your body.

No more mood swings

It’s no secret that food affects our mood: our brain perceives it as a reward and when we’re hungry it triggers stress hormones. Sugar levels also control our mood. Even if you feel better immediately after eating something sweet, eating sweets leads to depression in the long run because dopamine production is reduced and you are powerless over stimuli. When you replace sugary foods with healthy fats (eggs, nuts, red fish, and poultry), you will no longer vacillate between false euphoria and depression, and your mood will finally be stable.

No daytime sleepiness and better sleep

You’ll feel energized during the day and sleep better at night. Sugar may be pleasurable and provide endorphins, but it’s not an antidepressant: On the contrary, sugar triggers the production of the powerful stress hormone cortisol. Be aware that excessive daytime sleepiness and severe nighttime insomnia can be caused by sugar abuse. Try cutting out sugary foods for at least a week and your sleep will recover, you’ll fall asleep faster, and waking up will be a lot easier and more pleasant.

Your memory and concentration will improve

Many studies have shown that excessive consumption of sweets can lead to memory problems. Too much sugar negatively affects the connections between brain cells, creating a barrier to blood flow to the brain and therefore blunting the ability to learn, work and concentrate. If you want to keep your mind sharp and clear, as well as a good memory, you should avoid unhealthy sweets. Only make an exception for dark chocolate if absolutely necessary.

Reduce the risk of getting sick

Excessive consumption of chocolate and sweets is harmful to both digestion and the immune system, since high doses of sugar impair the absorption of beneficial vitamins and minerals. That’s not all: high blood sugar has a direct impact on heart and blood vessel health, increasing the risk of high blood pressure, angina and heart muscle atrophy. Excessive sugar consumption also promotes the development of caries, periodontosis and even osteoporosis.

The shape of your dreams

The most obvious harm from sugar is extra pounds. A sluggish metabolism and high body fat are nothing but the result of the abuse of carbohydrate-rich foods. By cutting out sugar, you can build the shape of your dreams, be fit and healthy, and shed those extra pounds. You will find it easy to maintain your ideal weight because you will get used to eating right and you will love yourself in this state and feel energetic, healthy and happy.