Impact of your diet on immunity

Impact of your diet on immunity

How Diet Affects Immunity

Diet is the most important aspect that determines a person’s quality of life. From birth, nutrition is the body’s most important physiological requirement. Without proper nutrition, the functionality of all internal organs decreases. This leads to disorders that affect the functioning of the immune, nervous and endocrine systems. Poor nutrition reduces the body’s resistance to environmental factors such as infections, toxins, carcinogens and radiation. This leads to frequent colds and chronic infections. Also, the body becomes vulnerable to internal factors of aggression, which leads to dysbiosis in the mucous membranes of the intestine, upper respiratory tract and genitourinary tract, as well as the development of cancer and autoimmune diseases.

What is good nutrition?

Mankind has gained a lot of experience in harmonizing nutrition. There are many diets and systems to detoxify the body. Of course, the experience gained over the centuries is important for the proper organization of human nutrition. However, since it mainly proclaims only general principles of rational nutrition, it is not possible to take into account the individual peculiarities and peculiarities of each person. In this regard, most of the existing dietary methods, as a rule, turn out to be acceptable only for an average and usually almost healthy person. All you can fearlessly apply by following all dietary recommendations boils down to a single piece of advice – limit your intake of: sweets, flour, alcohol, canned foods, fried and smoked foods. However, in order to eliminate the disorders caused by improper nutrition and to avoid negative effects of the food eaten in the future, it is necessary to choose an individual diet for each person.

Food intolerance and its impact on immunity

It should be noted that intolerance to a particular food renders its consumption absolutely pointless because all its nutritional value is lost. These products often contain vegetables, fruit, wheat, milk and dairy products which, according to all the rules of nutritional science, have a special nutritional balance of vitamins and trace elements. Food intolerance and metabolic disorders can be caused by the following factors:

  • the inherited peculiarity of the functioning of the body’s enzyme system
  • individual peculiarities of digestion and absorption
  • individual rate of nutrient absorption
  • Endocrine disorders and many others

Regular or even infrequent consumption of poorly digested foods leads to the development of an immune response to those foods. And since we consume foods quite frequently and in significant amounts, they can have very negative effects on the body. On the one hand, immunity, which is designed to fight foreign food pathogens, is gradually exhausted and responds less actively to other, more important factors such as bacteria, viruses and tumor cells. On the other hand, the components of poorly digested food are deposited in the fat cells, which contributes to weight gain, affects the skin and puts stress on the nervous system and brain. All this affects a person’s well-being and appearance:

  • a constant feeling of lethargy, tiredness and exhaustion
  • headache
  • quick fatigue
  • Loss of vitality and normal functions
  • Weight gain (especially around the waist and hips)
  • Deterioration of the skin
  • The appearance of acne and pustules
  • Allergies

A food intolerance test can help to solve these problems.

Proper nutrition has a positive effect on the body

Proper nutrition for weight loss, detoxification of the body, reduction of allergy symptoms! The results are particularly noteworthy when you lose weight. Patients who have changed their diet according to the test results lose between 5 and 20 kg in the first 1.5 months. The skin becomes clear, bowel function is restored and allergies are reduced. This works particularly well for cosmetic treatments. Skin that is less “burdened” with toxins can absorb the nutrients it needs. The combination of beauty and health creates a good mood and success.