Healthy breakfast without bread

Healthy breakfast without bread

Tips and ideas for a perfect breakfast

Diet has changed. Gone are the days of eating to get full. Nutrition has become a way of life. Not a day goes by without new and exciting forms of nutrition promising ultimate physical happiness. We have long since separated from old forms of nutrition and have put the meals of the day to the test and also taken a closer look at breakfast.

Breakfast used to be the basis for the day.

The most important meal for the start of school and work. It had to be filling and you shouldn’t feel hungry until lunchtime. Bread, sweet or savory, was very popular and was long considered the perfect breakfast solution. The combination of carbohydrates with sugar and protein from animal origin promised the desired effect. Breakfast was a calorie feast, reflecting the popular belief that the majority of your daily calorie needs should come from the morning meal. The body reacts to the nutritious meal with a need for rest, wants some time to digest and so the day begins with a certain sluggishness instead of with power and energy. The desired satiation effect quickly disappeared with toast made from white flour and jam. The blood sugar level rises quickly and after a short time drops to a level that calls for more food. A small snack before lunch becomes a habit. Nutritionists are now of the opinion that the consumption of snacks leads to slow but steady weight gain and is the cause of various diseases of affluence.

Whole grain products have a better balance, but this can be reduced by spreads that are too fat and sweet. Another aspect that causes the limited enjoyment of bread is the increasing intolerance of certain types of grain. Intolerances often show up as problems in the gastrointestinal tract and cause discomfort.

Good reasons to eliminate bread from your breakfast schedule.

Breakfast is an important energy boost in the morning. As the first meal of the day, it should provide the body with vitamins and minerals. High-quality carbohydrates provide quick energy and protein keeps you full for a long time. These four building blocks form a perfect basis for a healthy start to the day. Valuable carbohydrate donors are nuts, seeds, flakes and grains. At the same time, the grain provides valuable protein and fiber. The power packs are the basis of every muesli and in a specially composed muesli you can even do without sugar. Together with some berries, dried fruit, some yoghurt or milk, the metabolism gets going and the body gets the energy it needs for the day. A muesli can be tailored to your own taste and there are many possible combinations.

Oatmeal is a grain that has been awakened from its slumber. The small flakes are a power food that can shine at breakfast. are clear favorites when there is little time for a healthy breakfast. In the evening, the flakes are mixed with liquid. Juices, dairy products or plant drinks are good. The mixture steeps in the fridge overnight and can be eaten in the morning with some fruit, dried fruit or berries. The softened flakes are particularly digestible and the range of flavors is very varied.

At the beginning of the smoothie wave, the small meals were smiled at.

Nevertheless, the quick preparation time and the health factor have ensured a lasting presence on the breakfast table. The principle of preparation is simple. Fruit and vegetables are mixed with a little liquid to create a creamy drink. Yoghurt, kefir and spices can be added according to taste. A concentrated power of vitamins and minerals is combined in the glass. Fruit is one of the protein-rich foods and they ensure a long feeling of satiety. By using the whole fruit, the valuable plant components are preserved and provide fiber. The body gets the energy it needs for the day and can start energetically.

There are many who don’t like breakfast at all who don’t get used to the bread in the morning. It is possible to prepare healthy and tasty breakfast options that are even suitable for the first break in the office without spending a lot of time or shopping.