Halloween menu – recipes for spooky food

Halloween Menu - Spooky Food Recipes

Scary food on Halloween night

Halloween – the scariest holiday of the year is just around the corner. But what do you cook for Halloween? Traditional Halloween dishes include candy to ward off all manner of “evil”. A variety of snacks, salads or baked goods are suitable for a homemade Halloween menu. Halloween food is decorated with images of spider webs, ghosts or anything, so it’s more about design than cooking. Halloween is a great opportunity to serve up the most ordinary dishes in an unusual way. All in all, you need ideas for Halloween no matter what!

So what should Halloween dinner look like?

Besides salty Halloween snacks, you can also serve spooky fruit. With a little imagination mandarins become pumpkins. To make these ideas come true, you don’t need much more than the fruit itself. A pretty red apple is dipped in melted chocolate and you’ve got spooky Halloween treats on a plate!

Spider Olive Stuffed Eggs

are an easy way to make something spooky. Spiders made of black olives or eyes made of green olives and red ketchup pupils scare everyone. Not suitable for a children’s party but adequate for adults.

Halloween pizza with black olives

By the way, the same black olive spiders can decorate not only stuffed eggs, but also any salad or even. This way you get maximum enjoyment and taste with a minimum of work!

Witches’ broomstick with cheese and pretzel sticks

A witch’s broomstick is one of the most important attributes of the party! A witch’s broom is very easy to make from a piece of hard cheese, a pretzel stick and a stalk of chives.

Mummies – Sausages in Batter

or Bratwurst in Batter is something most kids can make with ease! Such a treat not only fits perfectly into the concept of the holiday, but will bring real joy to the children. Yeast dough and sausages are the secret to a perfect spooky meal. By the way, you can make the battered sausages in an even “faster” version — hot dog buns, neatly sliced “fingers” and ketchup — that’s the whole Halloween entourage. As simple as that! A spider web of mayonnaise, sour cream, or chocolate may not be the healthiest option, but it’s quick and easy. You can decorate any salad or any kind of cake with a spider web – this will make your dish Halloween-typical in no time.

Ghosts made from meringue or marshmallows

The meringue ghosts are made from beaten egg whites and sugar and baked in the oven. Then the ghosts are decorated with faces. A second option is ghost marshmallows: they’re easy to make and the perfect Halloween treat for kids.

Halloween biscuits and cakes

You can bake scary ones from a simple shortcrust pastry. Then decorate with frightening icing. In the same way, you can also prepare small puff pastry pumpkins, which taste wonderful with any filling. Cute cobwebs can make a chocolate cake or charmingly frightening look. You can decorate any cake or pastry in this way from warm marshmallows or egg white icing.