Fry salmon – this way the fish will never dry out again

Fry salmon - this way the fish will never dry out again

Salmon is one of the most popular food fish ever. This fish, with its distinctive reddish-colored flesh, lives in Atlantic and Pacific waters and comes to freshwater to spawn. He jumps over obstacles like waterfalls. Salmon is not only a particularly delicious fish. Thanks to the unsaturated fatty acids it contains, it is also extremely healthy. It is definitely a great addition to the menu. however, is of great importance.

Buy the right salmon

You can already influence how good a fried salmon tastes when you buy it. You can choose between wild salmon and farmed salmon. When it comes to wild salmon, look out for the MSC seal. It guarantees that the catch was environmentally friendly and stock-friendly and that the breeding was carried out responsibly. If you want to buy fresh salmon, you should pay attention to the color of the fish. If it is lighter or darker in color in places, this may indicate that the salmon is no longer fresh. The packaging must not be bloated and the fish must not smell.

Excellent quality frozen salmon is available today. It is frozen and shipped immediately after it is caught. Frozen salmon should be transported home as quickly as possible and thawed very gently. It is best to let it thaw overnight in the refrigerator. Then it is unpacked and rinsed with cold water.

Frying the salmon properly

Whether you want to fry the salmon with or without the skin is basically a matter of taste. However, roasting with skin has one major benefit. The fish loses significantly less moisture when frying. It is protected against the high temperatures and does not fall apart so easily. However, the skin is not eaten. Before frying, the salmon is briefly rinsed with cold water and dabbed dry with kitchen paper. Rubbed with a little lemon and then salted, the salmon is ready for the pan. Incidentally, lemon pepper goes well with salmon. It harmonises wonderfully with the taste of the salmon. The pan is heated and the bottom is covered with a high-quality vegetable oil. Olive oil or canola oil are ideal. However, the oil must never get too hot. Place the salmon in the pan, skin side down. Unlike meat, fish should never be seared very hot. The heat should be rather moderate. When the bottom part of the salmon starts to lighten in color, it’s time to flip it. This takes about three minutes for a fillet. If both seared sides are light and a juicy, almost raw core can still be seen in the middle, the fish is perfect. It is then slightly glassy and very juicy.

If the fish is fried too quickly at too high a temperature, protein escapes. The fish then quickly dries out or is still too raw on the inside. A mixture of good oil and butter is ideal for frying salmon. A piece of garlic and some lemon and thyme turn the fish into a delicious dish.

The best side dishes with salmon

There are many different side dishes to go with fried salmon. Potatoes are very popular. These can be lightly steamed or boiled. Better to skip the fried potatoes. They make the salmon appear drier. The Gratin Dauphinois – a French potato casserole with a cheese topping – tastes particularly good with the fried salmon.

Fresh young spinach with a hint of nutmeg brings freshness to the dish. Salmon is also often served with fennel. These vegetables can be lightly sautéed in white wine together with finely chopped onions. Steamed carrot slices in a little butter and sugar also taste delicious with salmon. In general, salmon is often served with fresh salad and vegetables. For this reason, salmon is also ideal for losing weight.