Delicious desserts with strawberries for those with a sweet tooth

Delicious desserts with strawberries

Dessert ideas with sweet red strawberries

June is a month when you can enjoy the taste of strawberries to the fullest. And to make your favorite summer berry even tastier, there are many that go haywire with strawberries.

Strawberry dessert with cottage cheese or cream?

We all adore strawberries for their delicious flavor and aroma. This is exactly why strawberries are ideal for all kinds of desserts and cakes and crown every meal. The secret of the culinary versatility of strawberries is that they can be combined with almost anything: chocolate, cream, cottage cheese, milk, yoghurt and other fruits.

Combine strawberry dessert with cookies and biscuits

Fruity creams made from strawberries with cookies, with ladyfingers and mascarpone, cheesecake or with strawberry sauce – they all taste fantastically delicious. Numerous layered desserts with are a welcome change on a coffee table in the summertime. A strawberry dessert is a treat for children and adults – fresh taste and an incomparable aroma.