Decoration ideas and table design for weddings and baptisms

Decoration ideas and table design for weddings and baptisms

Baptisms and weddings represent the greatest festivities of the church sacraments. Because on both occasions a new life or a new phase of life is at the center of the celebration. This occasion is extensively celebrated with family as well as with friends, so that this day becomes an unforgettable experience for everyone. But in order for these celebrations to appear perfect all around, they have to be extensively prepared. In addition to church matters and the appropriate wardrobe, the decoration and the culinary catering for the guests are also the focus of the planning. How the ballroom can be optimally staged and which aspects should be considered with the food is now explained in more detail below.

Step-by-step to the perfect decoration

When decorating christenings and weddings, various aspects should always be taken into account. Only in this way will the hall, tables and outdoor area create a uniformly coherent overall picture that will amaze every guest. Before any further planning, the actual style of the decoration must be determined. Whether vintage, modern, simple or natural: every style offers almost endless possibilities for further design, so that many personal preferences can flow into the individual design areas. After defining the style, the color component can now be selected. While the gender colors pink and blue are often chosen at baptisms, many wedding couples use the modern and simple color white as the basic tone of their own decoration. Additional decorative elements in different shades can then be added to this neutral color scheme. The shades of mint green, salmon and violet are very popular. Numerous accessories serve as the actual decoration, which can be selected individually and according to the taste of the parents or the couple. Particular attention should be paid to the table decoration. After all, the guests spend most of the time at the laid table…

Table flowers should be used for both baptisms and weddings. Because they not only convey a very lively and natural character, but can also be supplemented with the color components of the rest of the decoration. Depending on the taste of the host, symbolic table decorations – such as hearts or decorative bowls – can also be used. Colour-coordinated napkins and/or table runners round off the table decoration perfectly, so that ultimately a coherent overall picture is created. Individual name tags and guest presents tailored to the respective motto round off this location perfectly and will ensure astonished looks from every single guest!

Candles as church symbol carriers

represent elementary symbol carriers of hope and life and should therefore not be missing at any baptism or wedding. The corresponding wedding candles can also be purchased in specialist shops and are lit at the church ceremony. At the later celebration, this candle should be placed with the person to be baptized or with the bridal couple and draped visibly for every guest. Of course, the candles can also be individually decorated. For this purpose, ready-made wax images can be purchased, which can be easily applied to the neutral white candle. In this way, a very personal christening or wedding candle can be created, which will provide particularly intimate memories. Of course, no candles should be missing from the rest of the decoration. Whether tea lights, pillar candles or fairy lights: All candles can be integrated into the decoration in very different ways, so that a very cozy and intimate ambience is created.

Plan catering and set the scene perfectly

Basically, the guests should be offered very different dishes. In addition to meat and fish, a wide range of fruit and desserts is also recommended. The buffet should be set up directly in the ballroom – but close to the edge. The food is always present, but can be selected in peace and without hectic. Depending on the caterer, service staff can also be booked to help with the selection and allocation of the dishes. Thus, the distribution of food will be completely relaxed and without complications, which is an important aspect of the hospitality of any celebration.