Creative celebrations on a small scale

Creative celebrations on a small scale

Big or small, organizing a party takes time and patience. But the effort is worth it, because creative celebrations are remembered for a long time. There are many occasions when families come together for exuberant celebrations. The most common reasons for family celebrations include birthdays, Christmas parties, wedding anniversaries, anniversaries and youth inaugurations. All these festive days offer the opportunity to implement a wide variety of party ideas. The most important thing is good planning so that the celebration is a pleasure for everyone at the end.

It’s better to plan together

The more members take part in a family celebration, the more complex the planning. It can therefore make sense to hand over individual work and divide it between several members. So that everyone supports each other effectively, it is advisable to divide the planning into different subject areas. For example, one family member can take care of the meals, another the entertainment and another the invitations. Another option is to hire party specialists. There are many companies that offer tables and seating for rent and deliver both to the desired location. On request, they will also set up the tables and decorate them as desired. For larger family celebrations, it can also be worth hiring a caterer. Here, too, there is always the possibility of informing the family about individual meal requests and having them implemented by the kitchen. The first caterers not only offer to set up the buffet, but also take away the dirty dishes after the party is over.

There are pros and cons to hiring professional services for the family celebration. On the one hand it is more expensive, on the other hand it is the more convenient solution. If you start organizing the celebration in good time, you can easily take care of the most important tasks yourself. A structured approach is essential here.

Finding the ideal location

Before you can even start planning catering, table decorations and entertainment, a good location must be found. The first thing to do here is to clarify whether the family celebration should take place in the house, in the garden or in a rented hall. If a location is rented, the costs incurred must be clarified in good time and the reservation submitted in good time. Especially in winter, party locations that are offered for rent are in great demand and are quickly taken. Several points must be considered when choosing the location. The decisive factor is how many people take part in the celebration, when it takes place and whether it should be celebrated casually or elegantly. Furthermore, the equipment of the location should be included in the decision. If you rent a gym, for example, you often have to take care of the seating yourself. Community halls, on the other hand, keep tables and chairs at hand for celebrations of all kinds. There are usually no separate costs for this. However, this fixed offer does not allow you to choose the type of table and seating.

For celebrations in a relaxed setting, it may be advisable to use beer tent sets. They offer seating for many people and can be individually decorated. When reserving the locations, it is important to take a look at the contract terms. For example, it is important to clarify what costs will arise if the family celebration has to be cancelled.

Determine motto and choose decoration

Once the location is set, one of the most beautiful planning steps can begin: the decoration. When choosing the decoration, for example, it is crucial whether the family celebration should take place under a certain motto. Especially at children’s birthday parties, it is common for a topic to be chosen that the offspring like. But weddings and birthdays for adults can also be organized as theme parties and thus offer completely new organization and planning options. This is how decoration can be done. Another way of choosing decoration is to take the seasons into account. Especially in summer it is a good idea to create an eye-catcher in the hall with flower garlands and colorful table arrangements. Place cards are also a classic decorative element that has a practical use, especially at larger family celebrations. Maritime mottos can be implemented very easily with sand and shells, which can be draped in glass vases, for example. When celebrating outdoors, the lighting must not be forgotten. Fairy lights as well as solar lights create a pleasant atmosphere in the evening hours and invite you to stay.

If there is enough time, you can also make the decoration yourself. Not much is needed for this apart from a little colored paper. For example, a garland with many colorful ice cream cones is ideal for the next summer party.

While the ice cream cones can be made from paper funnels, small colorful honeycomb balls can be used as balls. Honeycomb balls are available in various diameters at craft stores and online. The individual ice cream cones can then be hung up with a thread as a garland.

Elaborate and creative decorative elements can also be made from conventional balloons in no time at all. The balloons can be filled with bobbles or confetti, making them a party hit for young and old.

Tips and tricks for table design

Every celebration needs an attractively designed table. Even simple beer tent sets can be . Like the rest of the party decorations, the table design should also be coordinated with the motto. It all starts with the tablecloth, which sets the tone both in terms of color and pattern. Crockery and table settings are then selected to match the tablecloth. When setting the table, care should be taken that it is not too overloaded, so that it can be eaten and drunk comfortably at the end.

While opulent table arrangements with the family’s favorite flowers are the perfect choice for festive occasions, small vases with meadow flowers can be used for simple celebrations. An alternative to flowers of any kind are decorative stones or colored sand. Larger pillar candles placed in the center of the table create a pleasant table atmosphere. Place cards with the guests’ names are always placed behind the plate. If the food is served as a buffet, there is no need to lay the table for each individual seat. Instead, the dishes are provided on a separate table.

Planning the catering

If there is one thing that cannot be missing from a good celebration, then it is the right food. If you don’t want to use a professional caterer here, you should make the buffet as simple but tasty as possible. Classic crowdfeeders can be excellently prepared and . These include, for example, creative stews, but also classics such as oven dishes and cold dishes. In summer, a barbecue buffet offers countless culinary options. If the family celebration is not too big, raclette and fondue can also be used for catering. The advantage is that it can be prepared comfortably at the table and everyone can put together their own favourites. Various pizza variants are also a good solution to meet the different culinary desires of family members. When choosing desserts, it can be and other goodies. Alternatively, party organizers can switch to various fruit offers. A chocolate fountain is also ideal for longer celebrations.

candy bar can be designed for the little ones at a family celebration. Gummy bears, sweets and chocolate make the little ones’ eyes shine. So that they really come into their own on a candy bar, the sweets are arranged in candy dishes. Pronounced. The small snacks can be eaten comfortably while standing and can be both sweet and savory. Furthermore, most finger food specialties are very easy to prepare. Basically, it is advisable to provide drinks on a separate table. Here, too, different variants can be used. In addition to classics such as juice and various soft drinks, there are also homemade mixed drinks, cocktails and punches.

Don’t lose sight of the fun

Organizing a party certainly takes a little time. Nevertheless, it is a lot of fun to organize such an extraordinary day for the family. This should not be lost sight of either. So it doesn’t matter if something goes wrong in the end or the decoration isn’t quite perfect.