Constantly tired: 12 foods that sap energy

Foods that drain energy

Food is a source of strength and energy – at least that’s what we think. However, in many cases exactly the opposite is the case: Due to their nature or product manufacture, many foods contain special substances that rob the body of energy and thus (can) cause sluggishness and tiredness. Food should therefore be selected and enjoyed very consciously so that you can face each day with sufficient energy. The following foods actively drain energy from the body:

1. Alcohol

Alcohol suppresses the production of glutamate. Under normal circumstances, this stimulating neurotransmitter increases brain activity and energy levels. Alcohol consumption suppresses this activity, so the brain receives significantly less input.

2. Cheese

Most cheeses are made from cow’s milk, which is often laced with growth hormones and antibiotics. Excessive consumption of cheese can cause these toxins and hormones to build up in the body and reduce the production of testosterone. This leads to a drop in performance and significantly less self-confidence, especially in men.

3. Mint

Mint consists of an active substance – menthol. However, since menthol lowers testosterone levels, this herb has a significant impact on male potency. Therefore, in case of excessive consumption of mint, an extended change in diet should be considered.

4. Food from cans

Basically, food from a can is a very practical and time-saving nutritional option. But be careful: canned food contains large amounts of sodium and BPA (= bisphenol A) – these two substances enable it to last a long time the dishes. However, at the same time they also lead to increased blood pressure and a disruption of the entire hormone balance.

5. Processed Meats

Processed meats such as hot dogs, hamburgers, canned meat and bacon are high in sodium, hormones, preservatives and antibiotics. These additives slow down the blood flow and thus ensure that any organs are less supplied with blood (and therefore also with oxygen). This delay in the process quickly manifests itself in sluggishness and fatigue.

6. Popcorn

The packaging of many types of popcorn contains the substance “perfluorooctanoic acid”. This component is often associated with thyroid disease and prostate problems. The popcorn absorbs the smallest amounts of the acid, which inhibits the hormone production of the thyroid gland. Thus, the metabolism is no longer optimally stimulated, which is reflected in reduced energy.

7. Licorice

Licorice contains, among other things, the substance “glycyrrhizin”, which lowers testosterone levels. Excessive licorice consumption can quickly lead to potency problems and a reduced willingness to perform. Therefore, liquorice should only be consumed in small amounts.

8. Coffee

Caffeine is THE stimulant par excellence. Because caffeine makes you feel more awake and fitter, so that every day seems to be much easier to deal with. Excessive consumption of caffeine can, however, have many consequences: increased stress (resulting in increased susceptibility to stress), increased cortisone production and chronic exhaustion. Therefore, it is better to use decaffeinated coffee more often.

9. Diet lemonade

Diet lemonade often contains an artificial sweetener (“aspartame”), which means that the drink has significantly less sugar and a less sweet taste. However, this substitute sugar has far-reaching consequences: lowering serotonin levels, decreasing energy, triggering depression and reducing libido. Accordingly, the “normal” lemonade in smaller quantities is significantly healthier than the diet variant.

10. Sweets

Most sweets contain large amounts of white sugar. However, this sugar can lead to lethargy, lethargy and even numerous diseases. Therefore: sweets in moderation, rather reach for sweet fruit!

11. Energy drinks

These drinks are intended to give the body energy and impetus. However, these synthetic products have to be metabolized by the liver, which means an increased energy expenditure for this organ. The result: the organism lacks this energy, so that body and mind will feel weak and tired in the long term.

12. Salt and sugar

Food containing salt and sugar should only be consumed in small amounts. Because these two components ensure a rapid increase in the glycemic index. While this results in a quick burst of energy in the short term, it results in a sustained low in the long term.