Barbecuing in winter: The best tips for BBQ in the snow

Grilling in winter The best tips for BBQ in the snow

Anyone who only grills in summer misses out on a lot. Because even in winter, the barbecue season can go on. You just have to pack a little thicker. If there is really a lot of snow and a beautiful winter landscape reveals itself around you, we think barbecuing is even more fun. You also have completely different culinary options. How about a warming goulash soup from the grill or a hot mulled wine, for example? We have summarized the best tips for your BBQ in the snow here.

Summer or winter barbecuing – the subtle difference

In summer there is always a lot going on when it comes to BBQ technology. Many guests may be invited, making it difficult to relax around the grill. The situation is different with a winter barbecue. In winter, you can enjoy the peace and quiet at the grill much better. Winter grilling is pure deceleration. The surroundings are quiet and you may only hear the crackle of the fire and the sizzling of your grilled food. With thick winter clothes you stand in the cold, but you are not cold at all. A delicious scent fills your nose. It’s just a completely different atmosphere than in summer.

The right grill for the winter

There is no BBQ without the right grill. Of course you can also sizzle with your current grill in winter, but the circumstances are a little different due to the low temperatures. The best results are achieved in the cold season. With these devices you can easily regulate the temperature. In addition, they are heated up in a very short time, which makes them easy to handle for beginners. The situation is similar with an electric grill. Unfortunately, a power connection is always necessary.

charcoal grill can provide additional heat and be cheap to buy. However, it takes much longer to light up in the cold and more fuel is required than in summer. If you grill with briquettes, for example, you need about twice as much as for grilling in summer.

Choose the right clothes

It’s not just the grill that should heat you up, because it’s winter after all. Warm clothing should therefore also be mandatory on the grate. It is best to dress according to the onion principle. You put several warm layers on top of each other so that you can put a few things down if you get too warm at the grill. When choosing your clothing, however, it is important that the material is not easily flammable, so that you do not accidentally become the food to be grilled yourself.

Keep an eye on heat distribution

Just like in summer, you should also pay attention to the heat of your grill in winter. A lot of valuable heat can be lost very quickly due to the winter cold. This in turn can affect the cooking process of your grilled food.

Make sure that you rarely look into the cooking chamber of your grill so that you don’t lose heat. Grilling with a lid is very important, especially in winter, so that your meat and vegetables can cook evenly. Without a grill with a lid, winter grilling can be a real challenge.

Light at the grill

In winter it gets dark in the afternoon. You should therefore ensure that the grill has the right lighting conditions so that you can see the food you are grilling properly. An LED light that you can attach to the handle of the grill is ideal here. Not so pretty, but useful is a headlamp for the preparation.

Winter barbecue food

In winter, you should adjust the barbecue food to the temperatures. The most suitable are ingredients that have a rather low cooking point. Use fillets and other thin cuts of meat, sausages, vegetables or seafood. Wild game in particular is very popular in winter. If your grill has a side burner, you can also prepare one here to warm you from the inside. There is hardly anything delicious in wintry temperatures. , such as red cabbage, fennel or potatoes are also ideal for the barbecue party. As a drink there can of course be beer or a freshly prepared, .

Keep food warm

When the temperature is below zero, keeping your grilled food warm is very important. Make sure, however, that the temperature is not set too high, so that the meat does not continue to cook and become dry. You could also wrap it in aluminum foil, but doing so can introduce harmful substances into your food.

Don’t just rely on the heat of the grill

When grilling in winter, you can hardly provide enough heat. Not only the warming grill and your clothes ensure pleasant temperatures, a radiant heater can also provide warmth. If you decide on a fire basket or a fire bowl, you also create an atmospheric atmosphere. Cold but cozy is the motto here.


Barbecuing in winter is an experience. However, in contrast to barbecuing in summer, a few important precautions have to be taken, which are mainly due to the low temperature. The ingredients that are used also differ in contrast to summer barbecues. It can be a bit heavier and heartier. You can then enjoy a delicious mulled wine from the grill.