6 myths about your health that are bringing you ever closer to death


If you want to live longer, you need to stop blindly believing in different ways of staying healthy.

Whenever someone tells you about the health benefits of a particular product or drug, you should always ask yourself if anyone else thinks so could earn something. Today hardly anyone is interested in your health problems. Profit always comes first. And when billions are involved, human values no longer matter.

You can get almost anything for the money these days, including the opinion a company needs on the usefulness of a particular product.

It’s possible the necessary judgment of a professor to air TV programs and articles in magazines that brainwash people into buying them. Therefore, you should know 6 myths about your health, which bring you ever closer to death.

1. Take vitamins and you will always stay healthy.

There are now a number of studies that refute the benefits of vitamins. But it is very difficult for these research results to get onto television screens, after all the scientists who deal with them do not have enough money for them. The pharmaceutical industry is vigilant and doing everything possible to ensure that these studies remain inaccessible to the general public. As a result, this data rarely reaches the general public, but those who seek information will find it. Do some research on the internet and you will find a lot of interesting information about it. So you might learn that taking extra vitamins won’t do you any good and may even increase your risk of diseases like cancer and diabetes. Taking vitamins can only make sense in the case of malnutrition, for example for people in Africa, where there is insufficient variety in the food supply and people can therefore eat one-sidedly or insufficiently.

With a high-quality and varied diet, vitamins are just a waste of money and can even be the cause of serious diseases. The reason for this is quite simple, vitamins are chemically and artificially synthesized substances. And anything artificial doesn’t work very well in nature. Therefore, instead of giving your body the vitamins, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables so you never have to take extra supplements.

2. If you get any health problems, the medicines will help you.

Many people think and hope that if they get sick, they will just go to the pharmacy and buy something that will give them immediate relief. After all, most people get there wanting something that will instantly make their pain go away, no matter what it is. But the medicines that are available in pharmacies will not eliminate the cause of your pain. Their job is merely to eliminate the symptoms rather than actually healing the body. What’s worse, the chemical substances in these drugs remain in your body until the end of your life, and the effects they have on it have not been scientifically studied to date. In addition, every fifth new drug has serious side effects, which are not always known or have often not yet been identified.

Medications are a topic that you should definitely deal with anyway. The pharmaceutical industry is a billion-dollar business, which can be compared to the drug trade in terms of profit. But unlike drugs, medicines are completely legal. Because of this, no one is interested in you actually staying healthy. There is much more interest in the fact that you are sick all your life and take regular medication that will help you for a short time and that you will have to buy later. It is important that you keep going to the pharmacy if the pain comes back to you. Maybe there are medications that can really help you treat the root cause of the condition and heal it. But if such medicines exist, they certainly do not cure all diseases, are hard to find in pharmacies and will be so expensive that you will hardly be able to afford them.

3. Doctors will always save your life.

They may actually save you, but they may not. Doctors must die too, even the best and the most highly qualified. Under certain circumstances it can even happen that there is no time left for your rescue. The ambulance can take longer to get to the hospital, every year many people die precisely because of this. Or the ambulance will lack the right medication or the necessary equipment, leaving you with not even a chance of rescue. So if you’re hoping for the doctors, then everything is pretty uncertain here too, just like roulette, you can be lucky or unlucky.

4. You absolutely need treatment because your test results are very bad.

The fact is that every body and every organism is individual. The norm for the test results is always calculated according to the indicators of people leading an average way of life. And if you can’t be compared to the general public for whatever reason, like being a vegetarian or doing weight training, then your results will be misinterpreted. Therefore, you should primarily pay attention to your condition. If you feel good, if you feel positive changes in your health, then believe your body and not the doctors. They will most likely try to give you medication to adjust your results to the general public. You shouldn’t allow that at all, rather pay attention to your well-being and your state of health, and don’t add unnecessary chemical preparations to your body just because someone thinks that you absolutely need it.

5. If you want to be healthy, you absolutely must drink cow’s milk.

In nature, no animal drinks the milk of other animals or milk in general after it has grown. What few people know, the cow’s milk sold in most stores contains the substance casein, which the cow needs to form its horns. Casein forms one of the strongest glues for gluing wood. An adult who regularly consumes dairy products is given casein glue in its purest form. This increases the risk of blood clots, plaques, narrows and clogs vessels, impairs blood flow and thickens the blood. And one day, that clot can break loose and make its journey until it blocks a blood vessel. And when this happens in your heart, any help will be too late for you.

6. You will only be able to live long if you have the right genes.

Most people think that if they have bad genes and are therefore unlucky, there is nothing they can do about it. For this reason, in their opinion, there is absolutely no point in trying to do anything about it. However, you should know that not everything is simply predetermined with genes. Of course, genes affect your health, but only about 25%. In addition, most people who enjoy excellent health do not pay any attention to leading a healthy lifestyle.

On the other hand, people who are born with poor health must always ensure that they live a healthy life and do everything they can to maintain their health.

That’s why you should go to pay close attention to the remaining 75%, because ultimately your lifespan will depend on what you live, what you eat, and how you behave. Control these factors and your genes will play almost no role.

So now you should make some decisions about your future life. You can drink the milk or not, you can smoke or quit, you can eat fast food or eat healthy, you can exercise or laze on the sofa. All these things you can or can not do, and how your life will develop will depend on it. So how long do you think your life will last?