5 recipes for protein utilization during the Christmas season

Protein utilization during the Christmas season

5 Christmas recipes when protein is left over

What do you do with the protein that is left over from baking and cooking? Of course, you can mix the egg whites into a thick white icing. With the icing, cookies and yeast pastries not only look great, they taste good too. And yes, you can easily mix egg whites with whole eggs for breakfast and make an omelette or scrambled eggs. But there are some great baking recipes that you can make with leftover egg whites around Christmas time.

Cinnamon stars with almonds

The Christmas cookies – cinnamon stars are characterized by an almond base. The icing on these cute little ones is covered in meringue that dries in the oven and becomes crispy! Packed with nuts, powdered sugar, cinnamon, and egg whites, these cookies might just be one of the healthiest types of cookies to try this holiday season.

Fairy kisses made from shortcrust pastry

The sweet fairy kisses are delicious biscuits made from thin shortcrust pastry with a surprise inside hidden under a crispy meringue. It’s crispy on top and soft and tender on the inside. Inside you can hide toffee, pieces of chocolate or nuts or simply make a layer of jam. The fairy kisses are a treat in the cold season!

Meringue firs made from meringue

Meringue firs are the highlight on a Christmas table. They embellish every holiday table and when it’s time for tea, the delicate and delicious fir trees can be nibbled on from airy meringue. The meringues do not need many ingredients – sugar, salt and egg white. The drying time in the oven, however, takes time.

Coconut macaroons

are a fluffy flourless one that sweetens the Christmas season. The Christmas cookies with grated coconut, egg white and sugar are crispy on the outside and tender in the middle. The macaroons with coconut are easy, quick and super juicy.

Pavlova Torte – Meringue Torte

Pavlova Torte – is an airy, soft and great flavor combination of berries, buttercream and protein dough. Fruit and berries add their tartness to the cake and it all makes for a gorgeous fluffy meringue dessert.