5 reasons why it is difficult to leave the unhealthy lifestyle behind


As people get older, most people begin to value their own life more and start thinking about a healthier lifestyle.

Unfortunately, it is not that easy to change old habits and leave unhealthy lifestyles behind. Along the way, people encounter many problems that need to be considered and dealt with. Therefore, I would like to warn you and list the most important reasons that can prevent you from making the transition to a healthy lifestyle.

No. 1 – Your brain

When developing a habit, your brain creates the so-called neural pathways. Repeated actions or thoughts lead to faster and better functioning of these connections. If you want to change your lifestyle, you have to solve two problems, first you have to create a new habit and second you have to get rid of the old habit.

And you can only do that by making a conscious decision. For example, you are hungry and would like to eat fast food as usual. Your task now is to eat something useful or healthy instead of fast food through a conscious effort of will. That means you now have to replace your old eating habit with a new one. The most important thing here is to constantly control it, especially in the beginning, and not lose sight of your goal. With each additional temptation, it will become easier and easier for you to choose the healthy food.

No. 2 – Your body

The transition to a healthy lifestyle is often associated with a change in diet, in which you have to eliminate some products from your ration and add others. Your body will need time to ensure optimal utilization of the new foods. Most likely, this will often make you feel uncomfortable and hungry at first.

Therefore, you should change your diet step by step and not proceed too quickly.

Instead, the amount of unhealthy food should be reduced slowly, while the number of healthy food should be reduced just as slowly is increased.

No. 3 – Chemistry and Science

Nowadays, scientists know the human body very well and know exactly which substances can cause the so-called binge eating in a person. In order to get people to buy certain foods again and again, various additives and flavor enhancers are deliberately added to the foods so that consumers unknowingly become dependent on them. It will be very difficult for many people to do without certain foods because their bodies first have to cope with the dependency.

No. 4 – physical ailments

The transition to a healthy lifestyle involves restructuring the entire body. In doing so, it is cleaned of the harmful substances that have accumulated during the long period of unhealthy eating. During the transition period, diseases can worsen, life energy can drop and other unpleasant physical symptoms can also occur.

And these physical ailments cause many people to lose sight of their goal at some point and are no longer willing to endure this physical discomfort. Therefore, it is your job to change your diet very slowly and gradually, without being too hasty. If you feel like you’re feeling very down, then you should eat as you normally would for a few days before you can continue the transition.

No. 5 – Little knowledge

Our brain can only access the information that is available to it. Therefore, in order to get rid of the bad habits, it needs certain data in order to be able to logically understand what something is supposed to be good for. However, if it cannot see why a healthy lifestyle is necessary or why jogging in the morning is very useful, what a contrast shower can change in the body or why fruits and vegetables are good for one’s health, then the brain will have difficulties with the new way of life to accept and implement.

Therefore, you should consider it your task to read through at least 50 books on health and healthy eating. When there is information in your brain not only about what to do, but also why and how to do something, then it will be very easy for you to switch to a healthy lifestyle.