20 tips for crispy and soft waffles

20 Tips for Crispy and Soft Waffles

1. So that the dough does not stick to the waffle iron, it is better not to use ordinary sugar, but powdered sugar. 2. The eggs for waffle batter should be at room temperature, but if the recipe involves whipping egg whites separately, then they need to be cooled, and the yolk should be kept warm for a while. 3. Overly sweet can look very dark and unappetizing when baked. 4. If you’re making waffles from a thin batter, there’s no need to spread the batter over the waffle maker – it spreads itself. 5. If you’re making yeast waffles, you should either put the batter in balls or evenly spread the batter over the entire surface.

6. With thin crispy waffles, it is better if you shape them into the desired shape immediately after baking, they will set quickly and cannot be rolled up later. 7. The secret of the perfect waffle batter is – its right consistency. This is corrected after the first baking. Batter that is too thick will bake poorly and waffles will become brittle if the batter is too liquid. 8. It is important to heat up the waffle iron well beforehand and to bake the waffles at an even temperature. 9. You should bring all the ingredients for the waffles to room temperature. The butter should be melted and cooled beforehand. 10. Don’t substitute margarine for butter! The more qualitative and natural the food, the more delicious your waffles will be.

11. The egg yolk and butter in the batter make the waffles soft and juicy. If you add the beaten egg whites, the waffles will be crispy. 12. You can get a crispy waffle texture by mixing starch and flour in a 1:1 ratio. 13. If you want to make fluffy waffles, you can replace yeast with mineral water. 14. Get an interesting taste if you replace part of the wheat flour with another type of flour, e.g. corn, rice, almond, spelt, buckwheat, oat flour, etc. 15. If your waffle batter already contains fat and the waffle iron has a non-stick coating , it does not have to be additionally lubricated with grease.

16. If you’re making a waffle cake, the topping needs to have a minimal amount of moisture so that the cake is crispy and doesn’t taste soft and bland. Perfect for waffle filling is boiled sweetened condensed milk, cream, nuts, added lemon zest and vanilla. 17. The highlight of the crispy waffles is the filling with cooked milk cream. 18. You can garnish soft ones with syrup, honey or jam, they are aromatic and taste delicious. 19. Top up your waffles with filling just before serving because they can get soggy and don’t look appetizing. 20. If you want to enjoy the waffles while they are still warm and crispy, do not stack them, they will become soggy and stick together, losing their crispy texture.