20 secrets of cooking meat products | Prepare meat properly

Secrets of Cooking Meat

1. Only start cooking meat until it is completely thawed.

2. Turn large cuts of meat to thaw evenly.

3. Season the meat with salt after cooking, especially thick cuts. If raw meat is salted before cooking, the surface of the meat becomes hard and dry. 4. The meat will be juicy if you put it in boiling water in a large chunk, and then cook it over low heat with a barely noticeable boil of the broth. 5. Hard meat will soften if you tap it off first, then sprinkle with lemon juice, let it sit and then fry it in a heated pan. Or marinate the meat in mustard for a few hours and season with salt before cooking.

6. It is better to use meat from young animals for roasting or frying and meat from older animals for stewing and cooking. 7. Always cut the meat across the fibers so you get nice, tender and juicy pieces. 8. When roasting in the oven, only baste the meat with hot water or broth, cold water gives it firmness.

9. In order for the roasted meat to be juicy, do not serve it immediately, but place it over a pot of hot water for a quarter of an hour.

10. Roast beef gets a pleasant taste if you rub the meat with mustard a few hours before cooking and it then cooks.

11. To increase the fat content of the lean meat and thus prevent it from drying out during roasting, you lard it with slices of bacon, this gives the meat an additional flavor. To give the fatty meat extra flavor and flavor, lard it with garlic, onions, parsley or celery. For larding, use a larding needle, skinning needle, or meat needle. 12. Pounded chops and cutlets will be more tender if you brush the meat with a mixture of vinegar and vegetable oil an hour or two before frying. 13. So that the breadcrumbs don’t remain in the pan when frying, but remain as a nice, crunchy breading, you have to bread them properly: first you turn the meatballs in flour, then you roll them in a beaten egg and only then do you toss them in the breadcrumbs. 14. The liver becomes very tasty if you soak it in milk for 2-3 hours before frying. Fry the liver unsalted or it will become tough. 15. If the fried liver is too dry and tough for you, soak it in sour cream or sour cream with onion sauce, bring to a boil and cook over low heat until tender. When serving, you should baste the liver with the sauce it was braised in.

16. If your rag├╣ / stew is oversalted, you could save it with tomatoes, the salt won’t be as noticeable then. 17. If you oversalted your meat, add a flour or butter sauce to the dish, this will neutralize the salt. You can neutralize fried oversalted meat with sour cream / sour cream. To do this, place the hot meat in cold sour cream and then heat it up (preferably in a water bath). 18. To make cooked chicken tastier, take it out of the broth after it’s cooked, salt it in a saucepan, and cover it with a lid or towel.

19. Sausages won’t explode while cooking if you pierce them with a fork before putting them in the water. 20. Some varieties of smoked sausage are difficult to peel off the skin. But if you put the sausage in cold water for half a minute, the skin will come off better.