15 tips for beautiful, delicious and fluffy pancakes

15 tips for beautiful and delicious and fluffy pancakes

Tip 1

In order for yours to be evenly thick, slowly pour the batter onto the side of the pan while swirling the pan with your other hand so that the batter spreads evenly throughout the pan.

Tip 2

You can control the color of the pancakes by adding sugar, how golden brown they become. However, don’t overdo the amount of sugar or the pancakes will burn and not turn golden brown.

Tip 3

The first has an important role. You can tell by tasting whether sugar or salt is missing in the dough or whether flour or milk needs to be added.

Tip 4

Stack your pancakes in a plate, you can brush each pancake lightly with butter and cover with a plate so they are nice and moist and don’t dry out.

Tip 5

You should bake the pancakes shortly before the meal and serve them hot.

Tip 6

Don’t whip the pancake batter too much, the batter will be tough and the pancakes will taste gummy.

Tip 7

If you want yours to be fluffy and luscious so that they say the jam or sour cream when you dip them, you can make this with yeast and buttermilk.

Tip 8

Sift the flour before making pancake batter.

Tip 9

If using baking soda instead of soda, use twice the amount of baking soda as soda.

Tip 10

If your pancake batter doesn’t rise enough, all is not lost, you can still save it by slowly adding warm milk while stirring the batter.

Tip 11

You get beautifully patterned pancakes if you make the batter with kefir.

Tip 12

Before adding the eggs to the batter, beat the egg whites separately and only add them when the batter has risen. After the addition, the dough should rise again, and only then bake the pancakes.

Tip 13

To prevent the pancakes from tearing, leave the batter to stand for a while after cooking.

Tip 14

You will get tear-proof if you prepare the dough with a little warm milk, diluted with water approx. 50/50

Tip 15

Turn the pancakes when the edges are already dried out and the center is covered with bubbles.