10 ways you can learn to eat right

Fight-Eating Addiction

How can you fight your binge eating?

Nowadays, every second person suffers from binge eating. Many sufferers try to fight the addiction, with more or less moderate success. In the stressful time, it is not easy for people to pay attention to healthy eating. However, we must be aware that our body is a gift from God. In this world it is the temple of our soul. And the way we treat this creation determines whether we can live long and quality lives, or die far too soon. That’s why you’ll find 10 important methods here to help you fight your cravings and get on the right diet path.

No. 1 Eliminate the “bad” foods completely.

If you’ve decided to get rid of binge eating, then you need to start from scratch. This means that the first thing you have to do is clean out your fridge to get rid of all the unhealthy foods so there are no temptations for you. Because every addiction is above all a psychological weakness.

So just open your fridge and throw all those “dangerous” foods in the trash. This includes mayonnaise, ready-made sauces, chocolate syrup, ready-made meals, greasy burgers and cakes of all kinds. You should also definitely look into your cupboards, because that is where you will usually find foods that you should avoid from now on. These are sweets, biscuits, chocolate, cakes, cookies, pralines, but also juices and other sweetened drinks.

No. 2 Make a shopping list.

So if you’ve decided to fight your binge eating, you should start writing a shopping list for each week that only includes the “good” foods.

When creating the list, you should already know which dishes you want to prepare in the coming week. That’s why you should find out in good time which recipes are delicious but still healthy.

Otherwise it could happen that you will prepare the usual unhealthy dishes again due to ignorance. And always keep your plan in mind, from today onwards, no more “bad” food may exist in your house.

No. 3 Change your menu.

As already mentioned in point 2, it is imperative to create a healthy menu from now on. Because even the right diet can be tasty, varied and still healthy. Eating, for most people, is a kind of mental pleasure. So if you don’t use tasty or tasteless recipes on the way to healthy eating, then you will definitely fail in your project. This is exactly why you should make sure you have enough variety and only use fresh and delicious food for cooking. With the help of google and a little time, you can create a very interesting menu and get one step closer to your goal.

No. 4 Find alternatives.

Do you want to get rid of your addiction? Then you should be careful not to fall for the advertising or marketing strategies of the food companies. They try to suggest to us every day how much joy and pleasure food can bring. The principle of binge eating works the same way as alcohol or drug addiction, the substances ingested create a feeling of euphoria, the hormones responsible for pleasure are released, and the person suddenly feels much better. You should definitely get rid of this type of addiction.

Nonetheless, unlike other addictions, you don’t have to give up the goodies entirely. It is enough to find the healthy alternatives and replace the other products with them. Such foods as nuts, raisins, dried fruit, figs, bananas, any kind of fruit, berries, melons, sweet pumpkin, honey, cheesecake, tasty and healthy casseroles can help you a lot.

No. 5 Find a passion.

Do you often spend your evenings in front of the TV? Then you should definitely change that as soon as possible. Because while you are doing a passive activity, like watching TV, your hand reaches for greasy and unhealthy snacks on its own. In this way, an emotional relationship to food is formed unconsciously and dependence is built up.

Get rid of it by picking up a new hobby. What could it look like? You can rule out reading books.

Dancing, fitness, embroidery, knitting, learning a musical instrument or a new language, computer courses, or other active activities that you no longer think about are well suited for this have to make the food. If the new hobby awakens a passion in you, then your relationship with food takes a back seat and awakens joie de vivre in you.

No. 6 Be active in your free time.

If you meet up with your friends regularly to have a bottle of beer and eat a pizza, it just can’t go well in the long run. You should definitely try to get rid of this habit and organize your leisure activities differently. Choose the things that don’t involve food. What could that be? Ice skating, bowling, billiards, horseback riding, theater, disco, water park, swimming pool, sauna or steam room are all activities that are very fun and you will not be tempted to do so. If you have children, take them out more often. In the summer you can take the little ones to the parks, see the sights, go out in nature to the rivers or lakes, or just ride the bikes and scooters. There are no less fun and active things to do in winter. You can use them to skate, sled or ski, build a snowman, etc. All these things are very fun and make you forget about food so that you can gradually break your addiction.

No. 7 Drink lots of water.

If you want to get rid of your eating disorders, then you should drink lots of still water. And that doesn’t mean juices, sugary drinks, carbonated water, tea or coffee. Because only still water can bring balance and health to your body, improve your complexion, make your hair shine, help digest overeating, help your body eliminate excess pounds and dependency on sugar and other foods.

When drinking, you should follow a few simple rules. Drink a glass of still water every morning when you wake up. There should always be around 30 minutes between drinking and eating. After each meal, you should drink no sooner than after about 1 to 1.5 hours. Between meals, you should always drink as much water as you can. Please stop drinking half an hour before the planned meal, before sleeping the break should be about 1 hour.

No. 8 Reward yourself with nice things.

If you want to fight your eating disorders permanently, you should never reward yourself with food in the future. If you have achieved something in life for which you would like to reward yourself, then think about what can bring you joy. It can be material things or something else.

You could, for example, treat yourself to a visit to the cosmetics or nail salon, enjoy a massage, a spa procedure or a simple soothing bubble bath.

Many women are happy about new ones underwear, some people like to go to the theater or concerts, others love to go to the cinema. As you can see, there are many ways to reward yourself without the food.

No. 9 Analyze what is causing your addiction.

Every addiction has psychological roots. It is often an indication that the person concerned is going through a crisis in their life or is dissatisfied with their life in some way, for which there can be a wide variety of reasons. In order to put your life in order, you need to thoroughly analyze the reasons for your addiction. Only then will you be able to work on it and free yourself from it.

No. 10. Get rid of stress.

Everyone knows that addiction to food is often formed on the basis of stress. Finally, a delicious meal can give us an instant sense of joy or the illusion of calm. That is why those affected often simply eat away the stress and do not even notice that they are becoming dependent in this way. That’s why you have to protect yourself from stress as much as possible during the “rehabilitation phase”.