10 things to do in spring

10 things to do in spring

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, spring is the season when the cycle of life is renewed. Are you ready for a rebirth? If so, write down the things in your diary that are worth getting done as soon as possible.

Detoxify Your Body

Spring is a great time to cleanse and detoxify your body. The lengthening of daylight and the awakening of nature affect the liver and metabolism. The body wants to detoxify itself from the waste products that it has accumulated over the winter. All you have to do is control what you eat. Try to avoid alcohol, coffee, sugar, dairy, fat, flour, and yeast products for a week. Instead, eat more soups, steamed vegetables, and fruit. Such a diet helps not so much in losing weight, but rather in cleansing the body of toxins accumulated over the winter, improving metabolism, and with it the condition of the skin.

Exercise outdoors

Cycling, inline skating, jogging – all reasons to exercise more are good! The more you move, socialize, and try new things, the more endorphins your body produces. And that means your mood will improve. If you don’t want to exercise, just listen to music and dance! Your body and brain will be in great shape.


Cutting hair and changing hairstyle is a symbol of innovation. Also, it renews your hair after winter and makes it stronger. Also, tell yourself that cutting off the ends of your hair also means letting go of negative thoughts and bad habits! Think of all the habits you would like to adopt in your life: jog in the morning, drink green tea instead of coffee… And do it daily. It only takes about two weeks for a healthy habit to take hold!

Learn how to meditate

Learn to breathe properly. The air in spring is special because it is full of sunshine and warmth. And every time you take a deep breath in and out, you breathe in. Try to do it consciously, let the state be like one. You don’t need any special skills to learn this practice. You can do it anywhere. start today On your lunch break, walk out of the office, sit on a bench, and breathe. Imagine that you are breathing in the sunlight along with the airflow. And how it enters you, your bloodstream and every organ, filling you with positive energy. When the light passes through you, it comes back and turns into a golden cloud.

Have a spa day

Turn your bathroom into a spa for a day! Make a sweet body scrub with yogurt and honey. It’s great for removing dead skin cells and improving circulation, but it’s also gentle on your body without hurting it. Skin is dry after winter: apply a moisturizing mask to your face and hair. Take an essential oil bath. Or take a trip with your girlfriends.

Take time to get out of bed

Get a good night’s sleep. In the middle of spring you get so sleepy sometimes! If you’re familiar with sluggish and drowsy moods, indulge in it a bit. Go to bed early so you can wake up with the sun. For like sprouts in spring we lazily and quietly reach for the sunlight. Enjoy this state, allow yourself to sunbathe and lie in bed longer.

Clean up

Do a spring cleaning. The house, its ambience, has a great influence on us. Our interiors should inspire us, so they should never be static. If you don’t want to renovate, you can make a few small adjustments and additions. The first thing you have to do is tidy up: go into the furthest corners and wash the curtains. And then it’s down to the details: decoupage, painting, fancy cushions, crockery, etc. make your interior design more interesting and special – all this makes it lively and colourful!

Build or rediscover relationships

In spring, love seems to be in the air. Look around. Sometimes in the hurry we overlook the season. And it’s a good time to renew a relationship or start a new one. Give yourself a chance to feel like a teenager if you want to live, laugh and love.

Drink lots of water

Drink lots of water! Many nutritionists advise you to avoid all liquids other than water. And understandably, only water has such a powerful natural cleansing power of the body, all kinds of toxins and slags. Sometimes thirst masks hunger. So if you want to eat something, you should have a drink beforehand. Water is the best helper for anyone who wants to lose weight.

Update your wardrobe

Get rid of the unnecessary stuff. Many of the things we accumulate in our homes not only take up space in our closets, but also drain our energy. The more space you have, the brighter your home, the better you feel. Fun fact: the quicker you get rid of the old and unwanted, the quicker the new and wanted will come. Take a critical look at your closet, go through your stuff. No wear in 6 months – throw it away, give it away. What color are the clothes in your closet? Darkness? Spice it up with something bright and truly spring-like.