10 delicious warm soups for autumn

10 Great Soups for Fall

Delicious soups for cozy autumn evenings

The uncomfortable and yet so beautiful season is best enjoyed with a bowl. Each season has its own gastronomic specialties. In summer we can’t keep our hands off fresh berries and fruits, while in autumn we reach for hot soups.

Autumn is the season for soups

Warm soups warm the body from the inside, they normalize the heat metabolism and recharge vitamins and minerals that are so necessary in the body. Autumn soups are great to cook with seasonal vegetables and bold flavors.

Lentil Soup

Fall is a time for hearty and nutritious soups. These can be made with more than just meat. Legumes can be substituted for the beef. While legumes have the same amount of protein, they contain plant-based protein. It warms you from the inside and gives your body energy. Lentils can be paired with potatoes because they magically go together.

Mushroom soup

Mushrooms are the hit of the fall season. Creamy goes well with a celebratory dinner for important occasions and is a nice addition to a casual day at work. The mushroom soup is versatile, you can combine it with potatoes, carrots and cheese.

Meatball Soup

Meatball soup is a welcome addition to family meals, bringing the family together around the dinner table in no time. This can be perfectly complemented with a filling of potatoes, carrots, pasta, celery or tomatoes.

Pea soup

Many people associate pea soup with autumn. Their characteristic taste is reminiscent of childhood and provides us with energy. To spice it up, you can add bacon or sausages very well.

Potato soup

Potatoes are the perfect autumn vegetable. The root vegetable can be used in the preparation of a variety of dishes. Nothing beats a warming potato soup. It is easy to prepare and still very tasty. The soup can be refined with carrots, celery, mushrooms, leeks, sausages or bacon.

Pumkin cream soup

The pumpkin is the king of autumn. This vegetable is a must-have of the fall season, because its delicious taste and aroma will please even the most fastidious stomach. A delicate, creamy one can be flavored with coconut milk and ginger.

Cauliflower Soup

Gourmet cuisine is at its best in the fall, favored by cooler weather – a warming glass of wine, cozy music and dim lighting. It fits very harmoniously into this picture and makes it complete.

Chicken soup

A delicious, hearty chicken soup is indispensable in the cold season! It warms from the inside and is a miracle cure for colds. A light broth, some chicken, carrots, onions, potatoes and some pasta and the combination is perfect.

Carrot soup

Carrot soup is a great autumn soup for slim gourmet eaters. The cheeky combination of ingredients such as mango, lentils or ginger stimulates the imagination with its originality. You can make delicious culinary experiments with it.

Onion Soup

Autumn is a good time to remember France and its traditional onion soup. The onion soup lures with its scent and creates the right mood from the first spoonful. is simply delicious and hearty and can be flavored with potatoes, mushrooms and cheese.